About Us

Having married following completion of physical therapy school, Stuart and Linda went into private practice with a very simple objective: To create a clean, professional and client centered practice where they could provide personalized and comprehensive physical therapy services. Evergreen Physical Therapy opened in 1991. We have a long standing reputation for providing personal and professional clinical services provided exclusively with California licensed physical therapists.

The staff are experts in the analysis of human movement, performance and function. They are the practitioners of choice for persons with conditions that affect movement, function, health and wellness. Utilizing their in-depth knowledge, the therapists examine and accurately determine the cause of the patient’s problem and then design and implement a treatment plan to correct their specific problem.

Interventions commonly utilized include soft tissue and joint mobilization, therapeutic modalities and, most importantly, therapeutic exercises to help achieve the level of functional strength and endurance necessary to meet each clients personal goals. Working on the premise that each patient must thoroughly understand the difference between activities that “heal” and those that “irritate” – extensive education and training in the proper performance of simple activities of daily living (ADL’s), work activities and sport specific movements is a significant component of each patient’s treatment plan. This approach expedites healing and minimizes the chance of recurrence. Our ultimate goal is to enable our patient’s to perform at their highest level – at home, work or on the field!